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A1QX Telemetry Module Datasheet


A1QX is an integrated telemetry module with sensor for industrial applications. Integrated sensors include either temperature, pressure or liquid level sensors which are supplied with the telemetry device. The device and the sensors can either be powered from DC power source or integrated battery with charger for solar panel. Solar panel is optionally delivered as a part of integrated solution.


Available measurement modules temperature sensor H1QT, pressure sensor H1QP, liquid level sensor H1QL
Operation environment max -20°C to + 60°C; max. 95% relative humidity
Power supply options internal rechargeable battery; external power supply; solar panel
Wireless communication options Bluetooth, LoRa, LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, Sigfox, ZigBee, 802.15.4
IP rating according to EN 60 529 IP 68

LoRaWAN version specification

  • Class A certified
  • LoRaWAN specification 1.0.2 (also called MAC version in ChirpStack)
  • Join type: OTAA
  • Packet codec / decoder available in JavaScript for ChirpStack and TTN from (also Python and Java versions available)

Dimensions and material

  • Dimensions: 140 mm x 180 mm x 50 mm
  • Weight: 350 g
  • Enclosure material: ASA
  • Plastic flamability rating (white enclosure): UL94HB
  • Color matching of enclosure (white enclosure): Munsell N8.75

Markings and labeling

Information on label:

  • Manufacturer and country of manufacture
  • Device type
  • Order number
  • IP rating


The purchase order shall contain the following information:

  • Order reference number and date
  • Invoicing and delivery address (including VAT number)
  • Parts order numbers from ordering table, number of units requested, requested expedition date
  • Type of expedition (for example ex-works, delivery)
  • List of additional options

Order options with codes

Uplink radio type (R)
R0NB-IoT band 20
R1LoRaWAN - Class A - EU 868 MHz
R2LoRa 868MHz
R3LoRaWAN - Class A - US 915 MHz
R4802.15.4 - 2.4GHz
R5Bluetooth LE (BLE) - 2.4GHz
R6Sigfox RC1
RXspecial - on request
Power supply (P)
P0Separate 12-24V DC 10W POWER supply connector and separate SENSOR connector.
P1Integrated rechargeable battery with solar panel (min. 5V, max. 9V solar panel output) POWER connector and separate SENSOR connector.
P2Combined 12-24V DC 10W POWER and SENSOR connection into one connector where sensor is not powered from A1QX
P3Separate 3.6V DC 2W POWER supply connector and separate SENSOR connector.
P4Internal non-rechargeable LiSOCl2 3.6V 'D' size battery. Separate SENSOR connector.
PXspecial - on request
Sensors (S)
S0unspecified / to be specified by customer
S14x DS18B20 temperature sensors using SY1312/S4-N sockets
SXspecial - on request


Specific sensor type will be selected depending on users specific requirements - for example for temperature sensors there are many options from IP68 submersible sensors to high range temperature sensors with different precision options. See our portfolio of H1QT (temperature), H1QP (pressure) and H1QL (liquid level) sensors for full range of options.

Order code example

A1QX-P1-R2 ... LoRa 868MHz uplink technology (use with A1QC-R0 LoRa Bridge) powered by integrated battery charged using solar panel.


4-pin Weipu SY1312/S4-N temperature sensor socket

Mating connector on sensor cable: SY1310/P4I-N

pin number function notes cable color
1 GND connected to GND of device internally
2 DQ alt: UART TX
3 VCC alt: UART RX
4 short with pin 1 this pin is connected to - of battery internally

Effectively connecting sensor into port 1 (first port) connects battery minus (-) to GND of the device starting the device.

4-pin Hirschmann CA3GD sensor connector

pin number function notes cable color
1 VCC out (5V) max. 100mA for powering sensor red
2 RS485 - A alt: UART TX blue
3 RS485 - B alt: UART RX gray
4 GND black

7-pin Hirschmann CA6GD sensor connector with wakeup pin

pin number function notes cable color
1 VCC out Battery voltage or stabilized 5V; max. 100mA for powering sensor - either always ON or only during communication red
2 GND black
3 RS485 - A alt: UART TX blue
4 RS485 - B alt: UART RX gray
5 keep not connected
6 WAKE UP SIGNAL A1QX pulls this pin down for 100ms before communication, keeps it grounded for communication, then releases to floating when done. white
7 keep not connected

7-pin Hirschmann CA6GS power connector for solar panel

pin number function notes
1 BATT+ 3.3-3.6V (e.g. LiFePO4 including charging voltage)
2 IO1 charging status of battery (high - charging, low - not charging) (high, low against BATT+ pin)
3 IO2 voltage on solar panel scaled to 0-3.6V max.

Packaging and delivery

Radio modules are packed individually into adequate carton boxes.

Every box contains printed information with technical specification and general business processes information; such as warranty information.


Some device variations are supplied with integrated rechargeable battery. This battery is either recharged from solar panel (charger is integrated inside radio module) or using external charger.


Only use approved chargers! Contact for more information if in doubt.

The battery inside the telemetry unit is charged over the main telemetry units connector. Do not disassemble the unit for charging!

Configuration over Bluetooth LE

Get / Set sensor baud rate

request: get sensor_uart_baud_index
response: index

request: set sensor_uart_baud_index index

Where "index" is:
3 = 9600
8 = 38400
12 = 115200

LoRaWAN Packet Parsing

Measurement packet FPort == 1

byte index in packet info
0 battery
1 measurement unit type - see below
2-4 measurement value as float number


Packet (HEX): 80 04 79 e9 f6 42
  battery_voltage = ~3.301V
  measurement_unit: 4 = meters
  value = ~123.456

Measurement unit types

index unit notes
0 celsius temperature
1 pascal pressure
2 kilopascal pressure
3 megapascal pressure
4 meters for liquid level sensors