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Firmware upgrade



  • Launch application nRF Toolbox, tap button labeled (UART) in "Utils services" section
  • Wait until your sensor device is detected and listed, tap on the device name to connect
  • NUS/UART console will launch
  • Into the section of the consoled labeled "Text to send" insert the following: unlock apple pie
  • Then click "Send"
  • The device will enter unlocked status. Next type: dfu
  • Then click "Send"
  • The sensor device will be restarted into firmware loader mode.
  • Go to the main menu of nRF Toolbox app (using left arrow button in left top corner) and click on the icon labeled "Device Firmware Update / DFU"
  • Tap FILE->Select and select new firmware file - for example
  • Tap DEVICE->Select and click on the device in list named "DFU"
  • Tap on PROGRESS->Start and wait for the device to load new firmware.