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N5 Toolbox for Android

User Manual


N5 Toolbox is an Android App which is used for managing devices from Quorum Precision. N5 Toolbox allows you to change settings in device, to download data in offline logger mode over wireless Bluetooth connection.


  • Minimum Android specification: API level 24 = Android 7 Nougat
  • Bluetooth LE (Bluetooth Low Energy) (Bluetooth Smart)


N5 Toolbox for Android dwd

Using the app

Main screen when the app loads:

Scanning for device. Only applicable devices will show in the scan. Can choose two options change settings of the device or download archive.

Change settings:

Downloading archive from the device:

Data downloaded - waiting for user to click on "Save archive to file"

Once the data have been saved the file can be shared over email or other application by clicking on "Send using email" button.