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SCORIA Sigfox Enabled Air Temperature and Relative Humidity Probe


SCORIA is indoor battery powered temperature and relative humidity sensing device. Uploads data to Sigfox backend up to once every 10 minutes.

Mechanical information

The device is designed in 125x100x35mm white ABS plastic case.

Technical parameters

Model version LX17TTS-SHT3X
Power 1x C size 3.6V lithium battery
Recommended battery type: SAFT LS 26500 with 2x1 0,1” connector leads
Typical battery life at ~23°C 42.000 Sigfox messages / measurements
Operation environment -10 to +50 °C of ambient temperature
Radio information Fully certified by Sigfox as “Sigfox Ready” device
Class 0u - the highest TX signal propagation class
Max radio power output: 14dBm / 25mW
Transmit cycle power usage ~320uWh @25mW TX power – cycle length 15 minutes
Antenna type Custom in-house designed ISM trace antenna tuned for Sigfox network
Sensor Factory calibrated.
Typical accuracy of 3 %RH for humidity and 0.3 °C For temperature.
Resolution: 1%RH and 0.01 °C

Weight and dimensions

Weight ex. battery:

Dimensions in [mm]: 125x100x35


Sigfox packet format - see this link.


Information included on the label:

  • Device type
  • Serial number
  • Sigfox ID
  • Sigfox PAC
  • Manufacturer

How to order

Order shall contain the following information:

  • Date and internal number of the order
  • Name and address (including VAT number where appropriate)
  • Number of units and requested delivery date
  • Type of delivery


Devices are appropriately packed individually into padded cartons.

The packaging includes all information required for proper use and servicing of the equipment.


The device must be installed on a vertical plane (wall) for optimal working conditions. Holes for intake of air pointing down and vent holes pointing up. The TOP of the device is either marked TOP or with an arrow pointing to the TOP of the device. TOP of the device should point upwards (towards ceiling).

Do not install into environments where relative humidity is in average above 80% RH

Device Sigfox ID and Sigfox PAC code is written on the packaging of the device. Serial ID is written on the device itself on the right edge of the device. Please use this serial number to communicate support requests with your supplier.


Device type: SCORIA

Name and address of the manufacturer: Moire Labs s.r.o., Zamocka 14, 811 01 Bratislava, Slovakia

This declaration of conformity is issued under the sole responsibility of the manufacturer.

Object of declaration: Sigfox Enabled Air Temperature and Relative Humidity Probe

The object of the declaration described herein is in conformity with the following Union harmonisation legislation:

  • Directive 2014/53/EU (RED)

On behalf of Moire Labs in Bratislava, SK on 14th of February 2017: Marcel Hecko, CTO Moire Labs s.r.o.


Design and manufacture

Moire Labs s.r.o.
Zamocka 14
811 01 Bratislava
European Union


For support please contact your distributor or manufacturer directly via