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TTR: Pressure Surge Damper

The pressure surge dampers are used for protection of pressure transducers against pressure surges in monitored pressure medium.

Connection Internal Thread: G 1/2 or M20x1,5
Connection External Thread: G 1/2 or M20x1,5
Nominal Pressure: 63 MPa
Max. temperature of the medium: 200°C
Material of the body: stainless steel STN 17 240
Material of the filter: sintered bronze
Filtration capability:
Size of the smallest particles the filter is capable to filter out:
Variant 1 = 10 μm
Variant 2 = 55 μm
Variant 3 = 100 μm

Order number

Example of order numbers:

    - Variat 1 with 10 μm membrane
    - Internal thread = M20x1,5
    - External thread = M20x1,5

    - Variat 2 with 55 μm membrane
    - Internal thread = G1/2
    - External thread = G1/2

Made in EU.

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